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April 13, 2010


To be successful at your new dietary venture, you will have to change your behavior. What you are doing was ineffectual and in fact deleterious to your future health. At this point you need to learn the concepts of dietary control, and limiting dietary intake. While most people feel they are depriving themselves by dieting, they need to realize in fact they are stopping bad habits that have resulted in all the present problems. What they really need to do is deprive themselves of their old habits. The old habits that led to obesity, hypertension, atherosclerosis, diabetes and sleep apnea have to be discontinued, and more appropriate habits need to be substituted. Stopping old habits and behaviors that you have become accustomed to is difficult.It feels like you are depriving yourself of all those foods and drinks that were comfort foods, and nobody likes that. But in reality you are beginning the tough job of preparing yourself for a new lifestyle that you will have to embrace and get used to if you are to be successful at a healthy and improved life.

One must accept these changes as inevitable and essential for your future and feel energized that you are adopting this new healthy lifestyle and not feel like you are depriving yourself of the foods that have already made you fat and ill. View your new diet and lifestyle as a means of improving yourself and feeling better. Little by little being healthy and trying to life better and longer will become more important to you and not that binge of candy, cake or fried foods. With better health comes a new feeling of exhilaration with life and more energy.

When you have finally achieved your ideal body weight you will be able to eat more and even intermittently taste some foods that are not on your current list, but then you will be a different person with a different metabolism and you will know how to handle this activity by altering your diet the next day, so you can get back on track. For today, get going on your new journey. Learn new behavior and become a new person.

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March 14, 2010


The human mind is amazing. Most of the time we are incredibly insightful, but sometimes we can't really see what is happening to us, nor fully appreciate how we look to others, especially when it comes to body image.At first you might think that one would immediately be able to see that they were overweight or getting overweight. But it turns out that when speaking with a number of very overweight people, they confide that they had gained up to 100lbs. before they truly realized that they were obese. They were able to look in the mirror and not recognize that they were obese until that extreme moment was reached. Some type of defense mechanism seemed to take over, where denial was an important ingredient. The denial that they were going out of control is what allows for the massive obesity problem that we are faced with today. There is also the politically correct tendency that so many of us have, that precludes us from saying to someone in no uncertain terms that they seem to have put on weight and that we are concerned about their health. Part of the dilemma is that becoming obese is an insidious process whereby you continue to accommodate the weight gain by purchasing larger sized clothing, etc. Often, the persons physicians do not firmly suggest a definitive plan for weight loss and exercise. They may suggest that "you should lose some weight" or paternally say "try to lose 20 lbs by the time I see you again in 6-12 months." That approach does not work. The person usually needs guidance as to what exactly to do. If they were able to do it on their own they would not have to be told to lose weight. Telling them where to go is one approach, but here at the Rice Diet program we are equipped to deal with all of the issues related to obesity. Dealing with the organic health problems as well as the psychiatric/emotional problems are things that the Rice Diet is ready to deal with, which is essencial for attaining complete results.

As people lose weight they have the same difficulty in acknowledging that they have lost considerable weight, because there seems to be the need for time to pass to allow for weight equilibrium before the person accepts in their mind that they have lost considerable weight and are comfortable with their new state. Many people have related that they felt stronger and more powerful when they were heavy and were actually afraid of losing weight because they thought they would feel weak and less able to deal with their surroundings without feeling intimidated.

Being able to fit into smaller clothing is the most concrete manner to acknowledge that one has lost weight, and makes you appreciate the weight loss. Whether it is some old clothes from ones "thinner days"or getting into new clothes the feeling is the same, one of accomplishment. Getting back to the weight that you carried when you were younger makes you feel younger, and physiologically you become younger as well. Being overweight is unhealthy and can lead to heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, hypertension and more, including a higher incidence of some cancers. Obesity is associated with a 10 year shorter life span than a person of ideal weight, in general. These are some of the facts.....aren't you interested in living a longer life? If so, today is the day to start to do something about it. You just have to be motivated....and then anything is possible.

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