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October 7, 2012


To get started on a diet is often the most difficult step of all. If you cannot get started then no diet can be helpful. The most important ingredient of all is MOTIVATION. Without motivation, you cannot be successful. If you look at yourself and say......" I really need to do something about my current situation" , then you need to grab that statement as your motivation to get you to the next step , which is getting involved in a program like the Rice Diet that can change your life. You can lose weight, get healthy and be happy, as our book explains. You can stop taking medications, and become that person you only dream about now, if you can get motivated and then take action. Come in and see us, and join the support group, lose weight under medical supervision , so it is fast and safe. If you are not at that stage yet, then buy our book and try to get started on your own, If you can stick to it , you will be successful. In either case, just don't be apathetic! Do something today to change your future.