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April 13, 2010


To be successful at your new dietary venture, you will have to change your behavior. What you are doing was ineffectual and in fact deleterious to your future health. At this point you need to learn the concepts of dietary control, and limiting dietary intake. While most people feel they are depriving themselves by dieting, they need to realize in fact they are stopping bad habits that have resulted in all the present problems. What they really need to do is deprive themselves of their old habits. The old habits that led to obesity, hypertension, atherosclerosis, diabetes and sleep apnea have to be discontinued, and more appropriate habits need to be substituted. Stopping old habits and behaviors that you have become accustomed to is difficult.It feels like you are depriving yourself of all those foods and drinks that were comfort foods, and nobody likes that. But in reality you are beginning the tough job of preparing yourself for a new lifestyle that you will have to embrace and get used to if you are to be successful at a healthy and improved life.

One must accept these changes as inevitable and essential for your future and feel energized that you are adopting this new healthy lifestyle and not feel like you are depriving yourself of the foods that have already made you fat and ill. View your new diet and lifestyle as a means of improving yourself and feeling better. Little by little being healthy and trying to life better and longer will become more important to you and not that binge of candy, cake or fried foods. With better health comes a new feeling of exhilaration with life and more energy.

When you have finally achieved your ideal body weight you will be able to eat more and even intermittently taste some foods that are not on your current list, but then you will be a different person with a different metabolism and you will know how to handle this activity by altering your diet the next day, so you can get back on track. For today, get going on your new journey. Learn new behavior and become a new person.

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