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March 2, 2011

What is so special about the Rice Diet?

What’s so special about the Rice Diet?
That’s a good question, especially if you’ve tried other diets without success. You want a diet that works for you, and there are a number of reasons why the Rice Diet is the one. But remember, there is no one waving a magic wand to enable you to lose the weight. The Rice Diet works, if you’re willing to do the work to gain success!

For starters, the Rice Diet consists of typical, everyday foods, many of which you’re probably already eating. That makes it fairly easy to get started on and stay with. The meals and snacks you’ll enjoy are tasty, filling and satisfying, and there’s a wide variety to choose from. You won’t grow bored with your food selections and you won’t feel deprived in quality or quantity. At the same time, the diet is free of excessive fats, sugar, cholesterol and added salt, which are the big culprits in obesity and a host of other serious medical problems. On the Rice Diet, you can eat delicious, healthy foods while avoiding all the unhealthy choices that contributed to your weight problem and health issues.

Exercise is another feature of the Rice Diet—and another reason why it’s the Right Diet for You. If you’re presently “exercise-challenged,” don’t worry. Before they get with the program, most Ricers are! As you’ll see though, the exercise required by the diet is both doable and enjoyable. Exercise of course helps burn off calories, but that’s not the only benefit. Regular exercise can also help lower the risk of just about every medical nightmare you want to avoid—cancer, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, depression, osteoporosis, you name it. Regular exercise gives you more energy, helps you sleep better, helps you handle stress better and improves your self-esteem. Imagine all these benefits—and they’re yours free with the Rice Diet (okay, you may have to spring for a pair of walking shoes and sweat outfit). So what are you waiting for . Contact us at today.

February 1, 2011

Making Resolutions Last

We discussed recently about how a new year is an opportunity to create a “new you” and dissuaded you from utilizing techniques which might prove more harmful than helpful in the end. However, when making “New Year’s Resolutions,” the question towards the middle to end of January often becomes ‘how can I continue to make those resolutions stick?’ According to blogger and life coach Tim Brownson, a new year’s resolution is an intention and not much more. Depending on how you approach your resolutions, they may end up as only “wish I could’s” rather than “what I do’s.”

In our diet and lifestyle program geared toward both weight loss and overall improved health, we know better than to tell clients that they will be able to change their habits overnight, that they won’t make mistakes along the way or that they can expect to see the results they want without adjusting their lifestyle. We practice the best way to make resolutions stick in the way we operate our program by keeping it simple and working with you to not only help you invest yourself in the goals you make, but to make goals that you believe you can achieve. If you don’t feel aligned with your goals or do not believe you can get there, it’s more likely that you will feel overwhelmed more quickly rather than inspired. Attitude paired with action make the biggest difference in meeting your goals, whether it’s to gradually eliminate your dependence on expensive heart medications, to lose 50 pounds or to learn a new language.

For instance, nutrition is a critical component for The Rice Diet of Central Florida. But we know habits are hard to break, especially if someone isn’t used to enjoying healthy food or has the perception that healthy food isn’t tasty. We keep it very basic for the first couple of weeks and then begin to add in vegetables and other key ingredients, teaching our clients that healthy food does taste better. Our success rates are over 95 percent; that’s a lot of people sticking to their resolutions!

Change can be tough and that is why it helps to have a good coach like our own Program Manager, Denise Sprung, in your corner cheering you on and calling you to the floor without making you feel badly for any slip-ups you may make along the way. To make a resolution stick in 2011, take a page from our book and think about what you truly want to accomplish and make your plan to get there. Keep it simple and most of all, believe that you will get there.

January 17, 2011


New Year, New You: Debunking “Get Slim Quick” Schemes

Chances are that if you’ve turned on your television in the past two weeks, you’ve seen some sort of ad for a product that claims to help you to lose weight quickly. Likely playing on your desire to shed holiday pounds and/or meet a New Year’s resolution goal, your ears may have perked up a little when you heard or saw the ad.
Let’s face it, #1 for most as a New Year’s resolution is to lose weight. Perhaps you’ve tried diets and methods that failed in the past, still seeking for a magic wand to make that weight disappear with the flick of a wrist. Well, it’s simply not going to happen and keep in mind, it took time to put on the weight, it will take time to take the weight off. Most important of all is to realize that all the diet quick fixes and trends that you’ve been hearing about, reading about and seeing as ads on television are not the solution for good health in the long run. Everyone is getting on the bandwagon to choose them to lose weight. You need to make a wise choice on how to lose the weight so that you can succeed. Diets don’t fail; folks just fail to maintain the determination and desire to lose the weight because the diets chosen weren’t the right fit for them.

The Rice Diet is a sensible, whole food regimen that will enable you to lose the weight, get healthy, and maintain your healthy lifestyle.

Some of the utterly amazing weight loss techniques that I’ve heard or read about lately are included below:

• Hypnotherapy: In this weight loss method, hypnotists help their clients get to a relaxed state of mind and then suggest behavior alterations. In some cases, hypnotists are even able to convince patients that they have actually had lap band surgery (when they haven’t) so that they are inclined to eat much less once waking from their hypnotized state.
• Weight Loss Pills: Many companies use mass advertising to attract people to purchase pills to help with their weight loss goals. However, many of these are not FDA-approved and are often pulled off the market when it becomes known that they have adverse effects (sometimes death)! Three drugs were removed from the US market last year by the FDA.
• Hydrotherapy: In this process, bowels are cleansed of all residue fecal matter. It is claimed that people can lose 10 – 20 pounds in one session.
• Herbal Body Wraps: Using this method, bandages or plastic wrap are tightly wrapped around the body to cause rapid weight loss through vasodilatation. The results of these wraps can be a quick weight loss, most often caused by water loss.

Anyone who is looking to shed pounds while learning to live a healthier lifestyle should steer clear of such fad diets or extreme techniques. A steady, controlled and medically-supervised weight loss program like The Rice Diet of Central Florida has proven to have much better results over the long-term. And people who stick to a balanced diet and learn to manage their weight through careful observation of caloric intake in addition to moderate exercise have a much better chance for keeping the weight off long term.

So be leery of those “get slim quick” schemes. While you may want to cross that particular resolution off your list as soon as possible, your best bet is the slow and steady approach. Contact us for more information at or visit our website at