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February 1, 2011

Making Resolutions Last

We discussed recently about how a new year is an opportunity to create a “new you” and dissuaded you from utilizing techniques which might prove more harmful than helpful in the end. However, when making “New Year’s Resolutions,” the question towards the middle to end of January often becomes ‘how can I continue to make those resolutions stick?’ According to blogger and life coach Tim Brownson, a new year’s resolution is an intention and not much more. Depending on how you approach your resolutions, they may end up as only “wish I could’s” rather than “what I do’s.”

In our diet and lifestyle program geared toward both weight loss and overall improved health, we know better than to tell clients that they will be able to change their habits overnight, that they won’t make mistakes along the way or that they can expect to see the results they want without adjusting their lifestyle. We practice the best way to make resolutions stick in the way we operate our program by keeping it simple and working with you to not only help you invest yourself in the goals you make, but to make goals that you believe you can achieve. If you don’t feel aligned with your goals or do not believe you can get there, it’s more likely that you will feel overwhelmed more quickly rather than inspired. Attitude paired with action make the biggest difference in meeting your goals, whether it’s to gradually eliminate your dependence on expensive heart medications, to lose 50 pounds or to learn a new language.

For instance, nutrition is a critical component for The Rice Diet of Central Florida. But we know habits are hard to break, especially if someone isn’t used to enjoying healthy food or has the perception that healthy food isn’t tasty. We keep it very basic for the first couple of weeks and then begin to add in vegetables and other key ingredients, teaching our clients that healthy food does taste better. Our success rates are over 95 percent; that’s a lot of people sticking to their resolutions!

Change can be tough and that is why it helps to have a good coach like our own Program Manager, Denise Sprung, in your corner cheering you on and calling you to the floor without making you feel badly for any slip-ups you may make along the way. To make a resolution stick in 2011, take a page from our book and think about what you truly want to accomplish and make your plan to get there. Keep it simple and most of all, believe that you will get there.

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